What is an Ra in College?

 – What is an Ra in College? –

What is a college resident advisor? Explore a resident advisor’s job duties and learn more about what a college RA does.

What is an Ra in College?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate or graduate students who work in the residence halls. In exchange for their work in the halls, RAs are given free housing and a meal plan.

They contribute to students’ academic success, social development, and personal growth by developing programs and experiences that involve students, faculty, and staff within a diverse community of learners.

The Resident Assistant position allows you to hone your leadership skills while also serving as an ally and role model for Wayne State College students.

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Duties and Responsibilities of an RA

Overall, your job is to create a comfortable, safe and supportive atmosphere for the residents in student housing, as well as to help them interact well with their dorm mates and adjust to campus life overall.

This encompasses a long list of expected and unexpected responsibilities, including:

‣ Enforcing the rules and policies of the residence life department, along with those of dining services, security and the college or university administration, too.

‣ Conducting regular room/suite checks.

‣ “Floor duty,” which may include having to check visitors in and out of the residence hall.

‣ Sharing information about the residence hall, campus activities and available resources on bulletin boards, online forums, social media or flyers and in person.

‣ Holding regular floor meetings with residents.

‣ Attending or leading weekly RA staff meetings. “Being a part of the residence life team was great,” recalls Lassiter. “It was really tight-knit. It felt like a family.”

‣ Relaying information about your institution’s policies and procedures to residents and fellow RAs.

‣ Mediating conflicts between roommates, residents and fellow RAs.

‣ Serving as a role model to residents and peer staff members.

‣ Acting as a liaison between student residents and administrators.

‣ Meeting regularly with supervisors, administrators and student leaders.

‣ Coordinating and hosting events in your residence hall and on campus.

‣ Attending regular RA training sessions.

‣ Processing requests for maintenance repairs and custodial needs.

‣ Assisting in the opening of the residence halls before the semester or quarter begins and closing it up after it ends.

Expectations of an Ra in College

Below are the expectations of an Ra in college:

‣ Create residential environments that enhance student academic progress and success

‣ Promote the intellectual life of the residence hall

‣ Create opportunities for students to explore and clarify their interests, values, and attitudes

‣ Build inclusive and reflective environments in which differences of background and belief are explored

‣ Provide personal and academic counseling and referral

‣ Participate in housing activities

‣ Know, enforce, and explain WSC policies

‣ Be available to students, and to encourage student responsibility and accountability

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Qualifications of an Ra in College

To be an Ra in college, you must posses the following qualifications:

‣ 12 credit hours completed by the end of Spring Term

‣ Minimum cumulate GPA of 2.5

‣ Two semester of on-campus living experience

‣ Good standing with the Student Affairs Office.

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