Where Can I Get Balloons Filled with Helium? (9 Places)

Balloons are a common feature of excellent parties. Undoubtedly, helium-filled balloons outlast air-filled ones in terms of longevity. As helium is lighter than air, this is the case. The balloon will rise because of the helium as long as the balloon you are using is relatively light.


It is the first member of the noble gas group in the periodic table and is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas.

Of all the elements, it has the lowest melting and boiling points. In the observable universe, it is the second-lightest and second-most abundant element (hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant).

More than 12 times the mass of all the heavier elements put together, it makes up around 24% of the total mass of the elements.

Due to the high nuclear binding energy (per nucleon) of helium-4 compared to the following three elements after helium, its abundance is comparable to this in both the Sun and Jupiter.

The fact that helium-4 is a byproduct of both nuclear fusion and radioactive decay is further explained by its high binding energy.

The majority of the helium in the cosmos is helium-4, and most of it was created during the Big Bang. Nuclear fusion of hydrogen in stars results in significant amounts of fresh helium being produced.

At 0.1785 grams per liter, helium is quite light. However, nitrogen weighs 1.2506 grams per liter. However, this is different. You breathe into a balloon, and nitrogen escapes from your lungs. Your own breathing air weighs more than helium, so it won’t cause balloons to float as high.

You are aware that helium filling is required if you want the biggest air filled balloons. You might not know where to find it, though. Here are a few places where you may buy balloons that have been filled with helium.

Where Can I Get Balloons Filled with Helium? (Best 9 Places)

1. Party City

Party City

You can expect helium services at Party City if your area has one. Party City is the ideal location to acquire helium for your balloons because it sells just about everything you could possibly need for your party. That comprises several balloon varieties. Through Party City, there are many ways to get helium services.

One of the most common ways is to just purchase balloons that have been helium-filled. Every day, helium is used to fill up a couple of balloons by Party City. All that is left is to purchase these prepared balloons. Then choose the balloons that most closely match your theme, and proceed.

Purchasing uninflated balloons from Party City is an additional way to have your balloons inflated. They offer a free helium fill-up service with some of their balloons. However, not all of them do, so it’s important to examine the specific balloon.

At Party City, after the purchase of a balloon, the cashier will blow it up for you when you’re ready to fill it. Thanks to Party City, buying and filling balloons is simple. For this reason, we also offer delivery services. You can order balloons online and the company will fill them on your behalf.

Then, you have a choice between having them delivered right to your house or driving to the store to pick them up the balloons that you purchased in store.

Finally, you can purchase balloons somewhere and bring them to Party City to have them inflated. There will still be a little fee for the service, but Party City will still fill the balloons.

Helium Services Prices

There are a few key variables that affect how much it costs to fill balloons with helium at Party City. Helium filling is free if you purchase a foil balloon from Party City.

You will have to pay a little helium cost if you choose to purchase a latex balloon. it is something between 99 cents and $1.29 for the price. The amount of money a person spends may depend on the quantity and size of the balloon. If you want to buy the balloon somewhere else, you might have to pay a little more for helium service.

For instance, you should expect to pay anything from $1.99 to $15.99 if you purchase a foil balloon from another retailer. Whether you require a large one for many gatherings or a small one for a small number, they offer what you require. It will be more expensive to buy a tank instead of having the work done for you.

2. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is another location where helium balloons can be inflated. Dollar Tree bears some notable similarities with Party City although it offers a variety of ways to use its services. The purchase of inflated balloons straight from them is the first option. Dollar Tree does have its own party department. However, it is not as extensive as Party City.

That celebration area has a number of balloons. Some of these balloons are occasionally inflated. The option to buy a balloon and have it filled by them also allows you to use their services. The availability of this service is exclusively available to only foil balloons. At their stores, they do not helium-fill latex balloons.

Furthermore, they won’t fill up balloons that you purchased from a different vendor. For instance, a foil balloon you buy from Party City cannot be helium filled at Dollar Tree. You have the option of buying foil balloons from Dollar Tree using the internet and having them blown up there.

Bring your receipt as evidence that you bought the balloon from their online store. It won’t cost you more to use this service. They do not sell helium tanks.

Helium Service Prices

At Dollar Tree, helium balloon filling is incredibly affordable. Since the charge is usually included in the price of the balloon, you won’t often pay anything. But occasionally, you could have to make a payment. The charge is only $1, which is wonderful news.

Their service can help you save a ton of money whether you need to fill one huge balloon or multiple smaller ones. Large balloons may cost more at other places like Party City. You can purchase helium for your balloons at Dollar Tree for just one dollar.

3. Target


Target gives you the tools to fill your balloons even though it doesn’t offer helium-filling services. In its stores, Target has a respectable party area. For various party themes, you can buy foil and latex balloons in a variety of forms and colors.

The store also changes up its balloons for every big holiday. For Halloween and Christmas, you may find spookier balloons and cheerier balloons, respectively. These balloons arrive flat, so helium will be used to inflate them.

You’re in luck since Target also sells helium tanks, so you’re covered there. Target really has big helium tanks for sale, unlike other party supply businesses. This ensures that the tank has enough helium and can operate for some time. Their powerful helium tank costs about $50. 14.9 cubic feet of helium are inside.

The less expensive type is the 8.9 cubic foot tank. It is almost $25 for that one. At Target, there is no helium party service that will fill your balloons. You’ll need to either buy the tank from Target and fill it yourself, or transport the balloons somewhere else to be filled.

4. Dollar General

Dollar General

If there isn’t a Dollar Tree nearby, there might be a Dollar General. Since Dollar Tree and Dollar General are owned by the same business, you may expect identical services from both. In addition, Dollar General sells balloons that have been filled with helium.

You can get them straight from the shop. Additionally, they offer helium filling, but only to customers who purchase their balloons from Dollar General. They are unable to inflate a balloon that you purchased from another retailer. For about $35, they also provide an 8.9 cubic foot helium tank.

You have the option of purchasing this tank and filling your own balloons at home. You might need the tank if you intend to purchase latex balloons because Dollar General only fills foil balloons, not latex ones. Additionally, you may purchase balloons from their web shop and have them fill them for free in-store.

To receive the free service, you must present your receipt. If you do find yourself in need of helium service, It will cost you $1, just like at Dollar Tree. Depending on your other selections, this could result in meaningful financial savings for you.

5. Walmart


Walmart is a Bentonville, Arkansas-based American international retail firm that runs a chain of hypermarkets (commonly known as supercenters), cheap department stores, and grocery shops.

Sam Walton established the business in the neighborhood of Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962, and it was officially registered under Delaware General Corporation Law on October 31, 1969. Additionally, it owns and runs retail warehouses for Sam’s Club.

Not all Walmart locations provide helium services. The larger Supercenter versions of the store are more likely to exist. There’s a significant possibility you can get helium services if your location has a Walmart Supercenter. Additionally, Walmart offers a variety of balloons.

You may find multiple balloons with various themes in their party area. In some stores, even a few balloons have been pre-inflated. This eliminates the need to wait for helium service and lets you purchase the inflated balloon right away. No matter if it is a foil or latex balloon, the Walmart store will fill it.

They won’t, however, fill a balloon if it was purchased from another location. To show that you purchased the helium fill from their store, you must bring your receipt with you to the customer service counter. Helium services could be offered by different retailers.

Various helium tanks are also available at Walmart. This enables you to inflate the balloons at home and may result in long-term financial savings. Their helium service is not very expensive. Each balloon costs, on average, 25 cents. Nevertheless, the cost varies depending on the size and quantity of the balloons.

Based on the types of balloons, they might additionally charge you more. For instance, it can cost more to fill latex balloons than foil ones. While Walmart locations won’t fill balloons purchased from other retailers, they will do so if the balloon was purchased at another Walmart store.

The receipt is all that is required to show where it was purchased. In addition, you can order balloons from Walmart online and then bring them in for filling.

Once more, you must have your receipt on hand. It’s worthwhile to call your local Walmart to check out if they provide helium services because very few Walmart shops do.

6. CVS


Meijer includes a party department in addition to offering first aid, a few foods, and being a great pharmacy. There is a limited assortment of balloons in that party segment. Because of their balloon sales, CVS stores also offer helium services.

In an effort to become more than just a pharmacy, CVS stores have added party supplies to their inventory. They are striving to serve as a one-stop shop for different requirements. However, not all CVS locations have made as much progress as other CVS locations.

Smaller CVS locations, for instance, might primarily sell pharmaceuticals and not much else. Most likely lacking a party section, these stores are unable to provide helium services. Helium services are often available in bigger stores with multiple sections, including a party section.

Helium service from CVS doesn’t come with an extra cost. Since CVS expects you to fill the balloon purchased in their store, the price is included in the balloon’s pricing. Although it’s worth verifying, most of them won’t fill up if you bought the balloon from other stores.

Anybody who fills a balloon that was purchased from another merchant will probably charge you a small fee for the service. Since they don’t provide helium tanks, you can only helium your balloons through their own service. You can expect to find a helium service at your neighborhood CVS store if it includes a party department.

7. Kroger


Even if it doesn’t use the Kroger name, most communities have a Kroger grocery store. Kroger is known for offering top-notch food and other goods. Helium balloon filling is another service offered by Kroger. The fact that Kroger accepts balloons from all over is one benefit of opting to fill your balloon in store there.

For instance, Kroger will still fill balloons even if you purchase them from Walmart. That is because of Kroger’s helium fee service. You must pay a price to inflate the balloon, regardless of where you purchase it (Kroger or elsewhere). The Kroger store carries a wide variety of balloons.

Latex and foil are the two main ones. They also carry a variety of sizes of balloons. The cost of a helium service is determined by quantity, kind, and size. The cost of using Kroger’s helium services ranges from $3 to $8 on average. A typical latex balloon can be purchased for as little as $1.

The cost for large balloons, those measuring 12 or 15 inches in length, ranges from $7 to $15. Kroger can also assist you if you want to buy helium balloons that have already been filled. In their flower department, you’ll find a variety of helium balloons that are already inflated and available for purchase.

The price of these balloons includes the cost of the helium required to fill them. Even though there are less expensive ways to blow up balloons, you can always take them to Kroger in an emergency.

8. Meijer


Meijer is a series of American supercenters that mostly serve the Midwest. Walker, Michigan, a city that is a part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, is home to its corporate headquarters.

Meijer, a chain of supermarkets established in 1934, is recognized as having invented the modern supercenter concept in 1962. The 253 stores owned by the corporation are spread over several states, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. About half of them are in Michigan.

The chain is listed as the 13th largest private company in America by Forbes magazine in 2021. In terms of revenue for 2020, Meijer is the 21st-largest retailer in the US. Even though Meijer is a local supermarket, many people in the Midwest states use it as their primary food store.

Furthermore, Meijer has a huge party section that is fully supplied with all the necessary party supplies. Given that Meijer sells balloons, you might be interested in learning more about their capacity to provide helium services.

Other grocery shops don’t provide some of the services that Meijer does, such as filling balloons with helium. You are able to place a phone order for several balloons at Meijer. They resemble a party supply store in that regard. Meijer may be asked to fill up about 20 balloons for you by phone.

The estimated delivery date for your purchase will subsequently be given to you by Meijer. Because of the Meijer employee’s other responsibilities, it will probably take longer than a party store. For larger orders, you can typically expect your order to be ready in two to three hours.

It will go more quickly if there are fewer balloons present. You may get pre-filled helium balloons from Meijer at their shop as well.

It is worthwhile calling your neighborhood Meijer store to find out if they would fill balloons purchased from another retailer because every store is unique. When it comes to buying and filling balloons, Meijer is more convenient and comprehensive than other retailers.

9. Publix


Another important retailer that fills balloons is the regional grocery chain Publix, which is based in the Southeastern region of the United States. Publix charges a comparable fee for balloon inflation as other merchants. There will still be a little fee to inflate the balloon, even if you buy it from Publix.

The good news is that Publix does not have a cap on the number of balloons you can fill. If you want all 200 balloons you buy for a specific event inflated, Publix will fill them all.

All you need to know is that it will be costly. Mylar balloons are more expensive to fill than latex balloons, which cost $1.50 to fill. The size of the balloon also affects the cost.


Since they have a large selection of balloons and the best prices, party stores are the best option.

If you are unable to locate a party store, you should be able to find helium services at the majority of pharmacies or grocery stores that include a party section.

It can be extremely difficult to find a good place to fill your balloons with helium air but with access to information like this, you can do so easily. Do well to like, share, and comment to get more content like this.

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