Where is the Military Discount Barcode on the Home Depot App?

Where is the Military Discount Barcode on the Home Depot App?

Where is the military discount barcode on the Home Depot app if you’re making online purchases or if you’re verifying your military status as a military member?

Where is the Military Discount Barcode on the Home Depot App?

 However, you’ll need to verify your military service online through the Home Depot website.

When you’re making online purchases, you have to ensure that you logged into your Home Depot account and very your military status.

Then you will receive a QR code in the Home Depot app or through the website. You will need this QR code anytime you’re making in-store purchases.

As you continue to read through, you’ll get to know the use of barcodes to get military discounts, how to get a barcode

What is Home Depot Barcode About?

A barcode is consisting of bars and spaces and is a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters.

Recently, a survey has shown that packages of products sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, and other stores are everywhere.

Hence, the barcode consists of bars and spaces of varying widths that can be read with an optical barcode scanner.

However, Home Depot announced it will roll out its first mobile barcode program in a national print campaign.

By taking a picture of a 2-D barcode known as a QR code, shoppers can watch product videos, read product reviews, and purchase items directly from their smartphones instantly.

The United States has roughly 25 million people who already have barcode scanning technology from their mobile devices and the number is growing rapidly, according to ScanBuy.

Home Depot is aware its customers are already using their mobile devices to assist in the purchasing process.

Home Depot is embracing this technology to closely connect our stores and customers to our digital content.

The codes will be used to offer promotions and discounts on featured Home Depot products along with a one-button option to buy.

The QR code technology is provided by ScanBuy, a pioneer in the barcode field.

What You Need to Get Military Discount Barcode on Home Depot

All you need is a phone with a camera and an Internet connection.

But remember people with big-display, video-ready devices like the iPhone, HTC Evo 4 and ThunderBolt will get the bigger benefit from Home Depot.

 Home Depot’s codes can be scanned using the ScanLife app and customers without a scanning app can download the ScanLife app at Homedepot.com/scan.

Customers can text HDscan to 43588.

To locate the barcode on the home depot app remember to sign up for those without an account or log in to the existing account and follow the various ways provided here.

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