Where to Buy Railroad Ties (Top 10 Places)

Railroad ties, as their name could propose, are wooden help radiates that the railroad uses to help the track. Once in a while, they’re made from pre-stressed concrete or even stone or plastic.

where to buy railroad ties

In the event that they’re put together with wood, they go through a type of treatment to assist them with enduring longer outside.

Thus, many individuals like to get their hands on railroad ties for use in their own homes. The following are 10 spots where you can purchase railroad ties.

Where to Buy Railroad Ties (Top 10 Spots)

Here are a few places you can purchase railroad ties

1. Estate or Garage Sales

The last spot where you can score railroad ties is at a carport or domain deal.

In the event that the home being referred to has a ton of provincial things available to be purchased, quite possibly you can get some information about the railroad ties in their yards, as well.

Domain deals, particularly, might haggle on costs. One of the most mind-blowing neighborhood deals to hit is the point at which there’s a moving away deal.

In this example, the proprietor is normally hoping to dispose of any overabundance that they have. Since they’re moving endlessly, they probably couldn’t care less about selling specific pieces of the property, as well.

You might have the option to get some information about any railroad ties that they use in their home or on their property.

Since they’re moving ceaselessly, they might be glad to offer them to you, particularly since the house is now sold or during the time spent selling.

It merits taking a cruise all over when a carport or home deal is proceeding to detect an incredible arrangement on railroad ties.

2. Lowe’s

where to buy railroad ties

On the off chance that you don’t have a Home Terminal near you, then you could have a Lowe’s home improvement store nearby.

Lowe’s likewise sells railroad ties that are somewhat bigger than the ones sold at Home Station. Their ties have a thickness of seven inches. The width is around nine inches and the length is 8.5 feet.

They additionally have ties that are treated with creosote. This will assist with guaranteeing that regardless of where you use them, they’ll endure against growths, water harm, and vermin.

That is a significant element, particularly assuming you anticipate having these binds near your home.

On the off chance that the tie becomes plagued with termites, quite possibly they could make a trip to your home straight away.

Lowe’s additionally advises against involving these railroad ties for underlying purposes. Nonetheless, they’re great for finishing and characterizing property lines.

They’re likewise great for rural enhancements and plans. Lowe’s gets their railroad ties from genuine rail lines.

In that capacity, you can have a genuine piece of Yankee folklore history at your home. Since they were really utilized on the railroad, the ties come endured.

Some of them are very endured, so it’s smarter to go to the store and pick the pieces you need as opposed to having them conveyed.

Contingent upon your store, some Lowe’s can deliver railroad connections to your home in the event that you pay a charge for the shipment.

They’re incredibly weighty, so it requires investment for laborers to stack up the truck and make a beeline for your area.

If not, you can have help stacking them into your vehicle or truck on the off chance that you visit the store yourself.

The issue with conveyance is that another person will be picking the ties for you. Going to the store guarantees you get the ones that get your attention the most.

Lowe’s has greater costs than Home Station. Their ties cost around $35.

3. Menards

where to buy railroad ties

One more extraordinary spot to purchase railroad ties is Menards. This is another home improvement and timber store that offers extraordinary reserve funds on its items.

Few out of every odd state has a Menards so it’s really smart to check around before you buy any on the web.

Like Lowe’s and Home Stop, Menards sells utilized railroad ties. These are blocks of wood that really made up the tracked. Since railroad ties in the end lose their respectability, railroad laborers will pull them up and supplant them.

They then, at that point, offer the pre-owned connections to stumble stores and confidential authorities.

Menards recommends involving their ties for embellishing purposes. Specifically, they recommend utilizing them with different materials to make various surfaces that are satisfying to the eye.

A portion of the tasks they propose is bloom boxes, holding walls, steps, and even lines. These railroad ties are additionally treated with creosote.

Since the nature of each tie is unique, it merits visiting the store to look at them for yourself. You can likewise get assistance stacking the ones you with needing onto your truck or in your vehicle.

The size of their ties is like the ones found at Lowe’s. They measure seven creeps by nine crawls by eight feet. The thickness of each tie differs yet it floats around 6.75 inches.

You can save a lot of cash by purchasing at Menards. As far as one might be concerned, they as of now list the cost for a tie at $29.36. That is less expensive than Lowe’s, at any rate.

Likewise, Menards permits you to do a remote discount which can return a couple of additional dollars to your wallet. Menards doesn’t convey these to your home.

4. Home Depot

where to buy railroad ties

Getting railroad ties is basically as simple as making a trip to your closest Home Depot. The home improvement and timber store make utilized railroad ties available for purchase.

Their ties are creosote-treated. Creosote is an extraordinary sealer and additive for wood. Railroad ties, it has two capabilities.

The main capability is that it goes about as an oil between the wood and the plate for the tracks. The oil decreases the grinding between them which makes both last longer.

The subsequent capability is that it assists to safeguard the wood against things with enjoying growths, termites, the climate, and different bugs.

Creosote, itself, is a tar that is gone through a refining technique from wood or coal. Since Home Station sells utilized railroad ties, they’re not great for primary purposes.

Nonetheless, they in all actuality do suggest involving them for nonstructural earth-holding utilizes.

Basically, they’re a decent decision for aiding support a dike for however long it isn’t the vitally underlying part to it. Home Terminal likewise recommends involving railroad ties for enrichments.

They’re a piece of Yankee folklore culture and can add a rural vibe to your inside or outside brightening.

The width of their railroad ties shifts, yet the general size is 6.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 8 feet. Not all Home Station stores convey railroad ties, so it merits calling your store ahead of time to save an outing.

Their ties cost somewhere in the range of $20 to $30.

5. Rural King

Another web-based store that you can shop at is Rural King. This site has lots of Yankee folklore and natural items available to be purchased.

They likewise sell utilized railroad ties. Specifically, they get their ties from the Public Rescue and Administration Partnership.

The organization is one of the biggest that reuses and rescues railroad ties. They eliminate over a portion of 1,000,000 ties consistently.

Country Ruler recommends involving their railroad ties for scene purposes and characterizing property lines. You can likewise involve them in other enriching projects.

Their ties measure seven creeps by nine crawls by eight feet. The width and presence of each additionally differ. Provincial Ruler doesn’t convey your street number, so you’ll have to live approach one to get your ties.

You can, notwithstanding, request them on the web, then go to the store to get them. It’s a superior plan to shop at the actual store, nonetheless. This permits you to pick your desired ties.

You might find that a few varieties go better in light of the plan you have than others. Rustic Lord records the Levels of their railroad ties, as well. A large portion of their ties is Grade 2.

This implies that the wood has begun to part. It might likewise have missing edges and there might be some wear, especially where the plate rested. Some could likewise have dry decay.

To decide the condition of the wood, you ought to outwardly examine it to decide its incentive for your requirements. Rustic Ruler additionally sells them at incredible costs.

A solitary tie costs just shy of $20. They’ll likewise assist you with stacking the ties into your vehicle or on your truck for you. If you have a Rustic Lord store close to you, it merits checking it for railroad ties.

6. Facebook Marketplace

One of the most helpful puts to purchase railroad ties is on Facebook Commercial center. One of the advantages of utilizing Facebook Commercial center is that it shows you neighborhood individuals who are selling ties.

You can adjust your inquiry region, yet in any event, you can check whether anybody around is selling utilized ties. Individuals who need to change around their finishing, for instance, might be hoping to dispose of their old ties.

You can get them at generally less expensive costs than most home improvement stores.  Remember that their ties might be in more terrible condition since you’re uncertain the way in which long they’ve been being used.

On the off chance that you don’t see photographs of the ties on Facebook, then, at that point, you ought to disregard the post and look somewhere else.

Facebook Commercial center makes it simple to contact somebody and ask about their ties. You can make a proposition without even a second’s pause or timetable a visit to examine their face to face.

Since railroad ties are very weighty, you ought to consider how you will get in your truck or vehicle. While the dealer might have the option to help, they probably won’t have the option to loan a lot of help.

While going to the dealer, you ought to ensure that you have a group prepared to assist with conveying the connections to your truck.

Facebook Commercial center is an extraordinary spot to purchase railroad ties since you can find extraordinary arrangements in regions that are somewhat close to you.

7. Bridgewell Resources

where to buy railroad ties

In the event that you really want railroad ties in mass, you ought to think about shopping at Bridgewell Resources. This organization really creates railroad ties, so you can get them both utilized and pristine.

They offer to private clients as well as the real railroad organizations in your space. They frequently have contracts with nearby regions too. 

Since they sell their railroad ties in mass, you’re ready to get them at discount costs. Notwithstanding, this is just great for the people who need ties in mass.

All things considered, it’s likewise worth connecting with them to check whether they’re ready to sell you a couple.

Much of the time, in any case, they presumably will not have the option to sell you a couple since they sell them huge amounts at a time. As indicated by their site, a load is around 250 ties.

All things considered, Bridgewell Assets offers a few exceptional administrations that you can’t go anyplace else.

As far as one might be concerned, the two of them treat and strain to treat their ties. That makes them last significantly longer than the pre-owned ties at the home improvement stores.

Assuming you realize that you need gorgeous ties at the upfront of your home, then, at that point, it very well may merit purchasing the ones from Bridgewell Assets.

Another benefit is you can purchase pristine ties. They’ll see a ton of purpose in your home and will probably endure far longer than you’ll be there.

They can likewise uniquely slice and treat your connections to guarantee you have the specific lengths that you want. For the individuals who need to involve them for steps or to make a boundary of their property, custom cutting is great.

To set aside cash, then you can likewise purchase their discount utilized railroad ties. At long last, in the event that you need a little something else, they likewise sell railroad span lumbers.

8. Railroad Organizations

Taking into account that railroad ties come from rail lines, it’s a good idea that you can likewise get them from genuine railroad organizations.

Albeit some outsider organizations eliminate old railroad ties from the tracks and supplant them, railroad organizations likewise do that.

They convey laborers who drive along the tracks and actually look at the ties for sturdiness.

At the point when they begin to turn out to be too old, the specialists eliminate and supplant them with new ones. They then have old railroad ties that they can offer to closely involved individuals.

Contingent upon the size of the organization, they could possibly sell you a couple of ties or a lot of ties. Their costs will shift, as well.

You can as a rule think that they are modest assuming that the railroad organization has them in mass. They’re anxious to leave behind them to set aside some space for more from now on.

Since these ties come straightforwardly from the railroad, they could try and have the option to give you some set of experiences about the specific ties. Your nearby railroad organization could be an incredible asset for purchasing ties.

9. Neighborhood Wood Stores

While the large chain wood and home improvement stores sell railroad ties, they’re not by any means the only ones. You can likewise find railroad ties all things considered neighborhood amble stores.

Autonomous timber stores additionally get their hands on railroad ties since they realize that individuals like to involve them for arranging and other enriching purposes.

The extraordinary thing about nearby wood stores is that they will more often than not be a piece less expensive on their costs.

This empowers you to discover some good quality railroad ties at a fair cost. Other than your neighborhood stumble store, it’s likewise worth checking any wood stores in your space.

Whether they sell wood items, amble, or different sorts of wood, they likewise reasonably sell railroad ties. You can for the most part purchase ties in mass or singles at these sorts of stores.

They’re likewise generally eager to assist load them onto your truck or into your vehicle. If you have any desire to help neighborhood organizations, then it merits checking a nearby timber or wood store.

10. OfferUp

Another free commercial center is OfferUp. This is an application that individuals can involve to list things available to be purchased that they don’t need anymore. 

While the application is famous for things like garments, toys, and other comparative items, you can likewise find railroad ties on it every so often.

These are typically inside decorators, History of the U.S devotees, or simply individuals who are remodeling who are selling them. The costs on OfferUp can change, yet you can generally track down a very decent arrangement.

OfferUp isn’t quite so well known as Facebook Commercial center or some other commercial center stages, however, that simply implies the dealer may be more anxious to sell.

OfferUp additionally shows you items available to be purchased in your space. This guarantees that you don’t incidentally purchase ties that are situated the nation over.

Be that as it may, it’s consistently worth twofold actually taking a look at the dealer’s area. You’ll likewise need photographs to guarantee that the ties they’re selling aren’t excessively old or broken.

In the event that you don’t have a timber provider or home improvement store close to you, then, at that point, OfferUp might be an extraordinary spot to purchase railroad ties.

Tips to Utilize While Purchasing Railroad Ties

Contingent upon how you expect to utilize railroad ties, it’s smart to know a couple of things before you put your proposal in to get them.

The following are a couple of tips you ought to utilize while purchasing railroad ties.

1. Think About Grade

Quite possibly the main thing, you want to consider is the Grade of the railroad tie. You ought to seldom purchase under a Level 2 railroad tie to tastefully utilize it.

Anything beneath that will have such a large number of blemishes to look pleasant. All the more critically, it implies that it has a great deal of harm as of now. It might have serious dry decay or parting that will just deteriorate with time.

Anything underneath Grade 2 fundamentally implies that its medicines have worn off and it’s dependent upon significant rot.

2. Age

The age of the tie is likewise significant. The more seasoned it is, then, at that point, the less treatment it has. Specifically, the less creosote it has.

On the off chance that its creosote is fundamentally gone, that implies it will wear out significantly quicker. Water will make it split and make it heavier since it will splash into the wood.

Bugs will likewise begin to invade the wood. Attempt to purchase fresher railroad connections to guarantee there’s still some creosote in them.

3. Straightforward Entry for Pickup

While going to somebody’s home, you want to consider where the ties are and assume driving your truck to them is conceivable. On the off chance that you anticipate purchasing a ton of ties, you must take them the entire way to your truck.

That is depleting work. Having the option to pull your truck up to where the ties are can make it much simpler.


Railroad ties make for extraordinary provincial inside and outside plans. You can find all things considered in timber and home improvement stores as well as at railroad organizations.

On the off chance that you’re purchasing from a confidential merchant, ensure you follow the tips above to buy the best ones.

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