Which is Better: HeartGold or SoulSilver? (Full Breakdown)

Pokémon Gold and Silver were released in 1999. The modern remakes of both are the video games HeartGold and SoulSilver.

heartgold vs soulsilver

The game director Shigeki Morimoto retained a lot of the feel of the original games due to their cult popularity. .

Morimoto skillfully created the new game to look and feel like a new game with parts of the old game in order to gain new fans and keep the ones he already had. With excellent reviews from critics across the globe, it has succeeded.

Which One is Better?

Which One Is Better?

If you like simpler games, HeartGold is a better option. According to what is reported in the forums, SoulSilver is a more difficult game.

The response is actually arbitrary. It seems like you get exclusives for each game, so it depends on which characters you like the most.

According to our research, Lugia is more popular with those who prefer SoulSilver over HeartGold, and Ho-Oh is more popular with those who prefer HeartGold over SoulSilver.

Each character is available to you right away in the game they first appear in, so you can spend the majority of your gameplay time with your favorite.

According to the majority of players we encountered, each game’s legend is unique.

However, some of those legendary characters, such as Spinarak, Ledyba, and Caterpie, will also show up at various points throughout the game, and the majority of them will do so for at least a portion of the time.

So, once again, it all comes down to how much you actually enjoy the well-known characters in each. They appear to be Lugia and Ho-Oh on the discussion boards.

You get to see Ho-Oh earlier in the game if you prefer HeartGold and are a fan of them. He is not present until the very end of SoulSilver. Other characters who appear exclusively in both games are many and incredibly fascinating.

When deciding which ones to employ for the first time in the game, you might want to investigate some of the ones we have here as well as some of their advantages.

What Features are Exclusive to Each Game?

What Features Are Exclusive To Each Game?

All that separates HeartGold and SoulSilver, it seems, are their exclusives. There are not many, but there are a few minor variations and intricacies in the game as a whole that we shall discuss.

You can try out the exclusives for each game and decide which one you like best by looking at the list below.

This appears to be the key decision-making factor for players when selecting a game.

HeartGold Exclusives

1. Ursaring

2. Delibird

3. Skarmory

4. Mawile

5. Gulpin

6. Swalot

7. Groudon

8. Baltoy

9. Claydol

10. Kyogre

11. Mantyke

12. Gliscor

SoulSilver Exclusive

1. Vulpix

2. Ninetales

3. Meowth

4. Persian

5. Ledyba

6. Ledian

7. Mankey

8. Primeape

9. Growlithe

10. Arcanine

11. Spinarak

12. Ariados

13. Gligar

14. Mantine

15. Phanpy

16. Donphan

17. Sableye

 Is it Possible to Play HeartGold and SoulSilver on a PC?

 Is it possible to play HeartGold and SoulSilver on a PC?

Yes, it is possible to play HeartGold and SoulSilver on a PC. Undoubtedly, you need a strong laptop that can manage downloads.

To determine if your computer is a 34-bit or 64-bit system, the first step is to locate that information. You can carry on downloading the emulator after gaining this knowledge.

Downloading the game is now required. You can only access DownloadRoms and download the game over a secure connection.

The download takes some time to complete. Its size is 15 MB. You can save it to your desktop once you’ve downloaded it.

Two emulators will be the result. You can remove one of them to reveal the original emulator and the file containing the remaining downloaded content.

We don’t understand why they advise getting the emulator separately. It isn’t a big deal, anyway.

To extract, select the folder and then click. The game files will be extracted using this method. For quick and simple access, you can make a shortcut for everything you require and put it on your desktop.

The game ought to load whenever you open the file. However, you can just drag and drop the emulator inside Game Freak to get started.

Go to Configuration > Control and Configuration from here and select your configuration options.

Depending on what it says, simply hit control or settings if you are using a control console to play the game, and from there you may review and select your game’s settings.

Additionally, the screen can be made wider to fit your needs. The resources you require to save your game and other items must be obtained from here.

From your mother, you’ll receive your trainer’s card. That is how it operates, yes. In your video game, your mother will converse with you when you go downstairs and are in the house you are in.

She will also offer you the resources you need to move on during that period, along with your trainer’s card. It keeps a record of the program and your last position in it.

Go to the bottom of the screen to find the tools mother provided you when it’s time to save. When you select Load State from the inventory menu, you will be prompted to save. One of two ways to save is by doing that.

Go to Files, select Save, and it will list the available slots as a second method of saving. Simply move to slot 1 and save your progress there.

When you wish to restart the game. You return to the load state and select Slot 1 or the location where you saved it.

All done! That is how simple it is to download HeartGold or SoulSilver to your computer and begin playing right away.

On HeartGold or SoulSilver, Which Starter Pokémon Should I Use As a Beginner?

On HeartGold or SoulSilver, which starter Pokémon should I use as a beginner?

If you’re new to HeartGold or SoulSilver, there are three top Pokémon to use so that you may get started right away and enjoy the game without experiencing too much frustration. Here there are with a brief introduction.

You’ll get the feel of it and all the characters eventually, but for a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with the most effective ones.

1. Totodile: The most exclusive starter set is Totodile. If you combine them with a truly powerful Pokémon team, you could defeat the majority of your opponents. It has strong attack power in addition to decent HP and excellent defense.

It can learn some ferocious moves and outpace the power of the majority of other water types. When they breed, make sure they are taught the Crunch, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Pulse skills.

2. Cyndaquil: This is a fantastic option for those who are new to SS and HG. It employs Blaze and has excellent special attack and speed capabilities.

With the 5, 7, and 8 gym leaders in Johto and the 4 and 6 in the Kanto region, you will continue to have some significant challenges. It has been known to completely destroy the Elite Four with the correct training. It will take some work to master that one.

3. Chikorita: This Pokémon has a good sense of balance. It is referred to as a Grass Type with Overgrow. It possesses unique attack, defensive, and speed capabilities.

Despite Chikorita’s good abilities on the ground, in the air, and even against some of the most basic Pokémon, it will face some significant challenges unless it undergoes extensive training.

Before attempting any fancy footwork against opponents like Falkner, who is in the strong flyer at the Violet Gym, it is time to train this kid up and assemble a squad.

Pokémon of the bird and insect categories will be your initial opponents. Use that knowledge when training your Chikorita. We also make some references to Pokémon SS and HG.

Then, the fifth, seventh, and eighth gym leaders use Dragon, Ice, and Steel type Pokémon if you want to get a glimpse of what can happen next. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

How Can HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Me Succeed?

How Can HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Me Succeed?

1. Make It Tougher: Yes, make it tougher than it needs to be, or even tougher than it is now. It’s not difficult to play Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. In truth, it’s not difficult to slay all day once you have a powerful team.

It’s a terrific technique to expedite and monotonize things. Take your time playing, pass and fail a few times, and really enjoy yourself. Teach your squad new strategies as you go.

2. The Few and the Proud: Train a select few Pokémon to be far superior rather than focusing on leveling up every Pokémon you catch.

Have an army of 12 people who fall into the appropriate fighting categories, layered as a good military strategist would. You’ll enjoy yourself more and get some serious butt kicks in the process.

3. Use the game tutorial only in emergencies: Does that sound frightful? It should, and you should explore by pushing past your fear and skepticism! Make use of the tutorials, walkthroughs, and advice if you get stuck in the system, but don’t let them become a crutch.

The mystery is a big part of the appeal and the enjoyment. Look at the Pokémon that are on your list of targets for capture. Study the tools you have at your disposal, then get to work!

4. Fight Any Trainers You Come Across: While battling wild Pokémon is a key aspect of the game, fighting trainers is where real bravery, riches, and, well, everything, are found. We advise practicing on the weaker set while engaging in the most powerful form of combat to win. Do you think that’s a plan?

5. Talk Isn’t Always Cheap: The developers of this and every other role-playing game (RPG) wanted you to fully appreciate the immersive experience, so they built these games with a storytelling foundation.

Don’t flee from dialogue in favor of action. Speak with the locals in the towns and cities. You can get useful information from there to help you get around and teach your Pokémon more effectively.

The Most Vital Information Regarding HeartGold and SoulSilver Pokeball

The Most Vital Information Regarding HeartGold And SoulSilver Pokeball

The two most important things are healing and saving. Most other RPGs don’t let you do two very crucial things, but they do.

Bring your squad to a Pokémon center where they may always receive free medical attention. Saving frequently is the second, although even more crucial, factor.

Compared to other RPGs, this is done a little differently. Wherever you left off can be saved. That is prohibited in other RPGs.

The only restriction is that you should never save when you are in a really perilous or exposed situation.

Only do it when you are sure that you are secure since after the save, you might get wiped out briefly, erasing your save file.


Both HeartGold and SoulSilver are Pokémon role-playing games. Your favorite exclusives actually determine how the games play out.

Although Some claim that SoulSilver is harder while HeartGold is a more accessible game; however, this depends on the player. The games are designed around taking your time to discover, learn, and interact with others.

Without a question, you are expected to compete and win the game, but the fun and the learning come from the journey.

You gain the same advantages in the game as you would in real life, such as strength, knowledge, strategy, interpersonal skills, and agility, when you take the time to investigate. Life really does imitate fiction.

With the superior knowledge, you now have, you can be able to find out which is better when choosing between HeartGold or SoulSilver video games. So ensure to like, comment, and share this informative content.

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