Who Killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars? (Explained)

Would it pique your curiosity to know who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars? Separate individuals carried out both the assassination attempt and the burial of Alison. We will provide you with information about this popular query in this post.

who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars

The television series Pretty Little Liars is full of startling twists that will undoubtedly blow your mind.

Alison DiLaurentis, one of the most well-liked females in Rosewood, mysteriously died in the crime drama Pretty Little Liars.

The series has a compelling plot. In their quest to learn the truth about what really happened to their “queen bee” buddy, her pals, known as “The Liars,” become entangled in a vast web of falsehoods even around the neighborhood.

Fans have adored the twists, even if the series has ended, and even inspired a spinoff series. As a result, it is an all-inclusive package of entertainment.

Who Was Alison’s Murderer in Pretty Little Liars?

who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars

The series’ storyline is quite complex, particularly if we bring up Alison’s death.

In Pretty Little Liars, Charlotte and Jessica DiLaurentis attempt to murder Alison DiLaurentis, but the entire incident is revealed to be a gross exaggeration.

Charlotte killed Alison because she believed her adopted sister, who is also her cousin, was planning to murder her adoptive mother, who is also her aunt.

Alison blacked out and appeared to be dead when Charlotte DiLaurentis whacked her in the back of the head with a rock.

Because she was still alive at that point, she did not recheck her, but Jessica buried her because she thought she could have passed away.

When Alison’s body was found, an autopsy showed that the head injuries she had weren’t what killed her.

She had died from suffocation after being buried alive and having dirt sucked into her lungs. The diversion of facts by Jessica and Charlotte DiLaurentis is superb.

They initially placed the accusation on Toby Cavanaugh, Alison’s ex-boyfriend, because he had a tattoo of the date of her passing along with the words “Free at Last.”

Cavanaugh believes he will be found guilty of the murder if he is found guilty since the Rosewood Police Department is after him despite his innocence.

He decides to flee, but the police apprehend him and then prove his innocence by tampering with the blood evidence.

The subsequent erroneous suspect, in this case, was Melissa’s boyfriend, Ian Thomas.

After being shot in the head by The Liars and having a phony note made claiming that Ian was confessing to killing Alison, Ian was only exonerated of all charges. 

In What Particular Episode Does Alison Dilaurentis’ Existence Become Known?

who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars

After it is proven that Alison is still alive, the Liars believe she is truly the enigmatic “Red Coat,” a blonde who has been monitoring the Liars from a distance.

The fourth season’s episode number 12, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t,” which also features Alison DiLaurentis, makes her existence known.

It was also revealed that Carla Grunwald had extricated Alison from her meager tomb. Because of Grunwald’s telepathic abilities, Alison DiLaurentis could contact him secretly for help.

Until the episode “A is for Answers,” when the gang meets Alison in New York, the Liars are unaware of what took place on the evening of September 1st, 2009.

When Alison learns that Charlotte was the one who struck her in the head, she commits her to an institution.

Alison battled to take custody of Charlotte after five years of intensive counseling.

After Charlotte is later explained murdered, Alison’s pals suspect she is A. This is actually an action A concocted to keep Alison isolated.

Who Was Interred in Alison’s Grave?

Who Was Interred in Alison's Grave?

In reality, Alison DiLaurentis’ tomb was accidentally filled with Bethany Young after she was mistakenly recognized as Alison DiLaurentis.

On the evening of September 1, 2009, Charlotte DiLaurentis mistook her for Alison.

At Radley Sanitarium, where they first spoke, Charlotte told Bethany she was transsexual for the first time.

They grew close, and while having a conversation on the roof, they plotted their escape.

Bethany thought Charlotte looked great in the yellow outfit she was sporting at the moment.

However, when Marion Cavanaugh saw them on the roof, Charlotte thought there would be a massive repercussion and the moment swiftly took a turn for the worst.

After deciding to assist her buddy, Bethany Young went to Cavanaugh to tell him what she had observed.

A short while later, Bethany shoved Cavanaugh off the roof, resulting in Cavanaugh’s fatal accident that led to her death.

In response to Charlotte’s reprimands of her friend over the murder, Bethany turned the conversation around and accused Charlotte of pushing Marion.

When the authorities started questioning patients and employees, Bethany informed them that Charlotte was the one who killed Marion, and they trusted her.

Then Bethany Young was misdiagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder (IED), and Charlotte DiLaurentis was given the erroneous diagnosis.

She met Jessica DiLaurentis, the president of the Sanitarium board, shortly after that.

After Cavanaugh’s passing, Jessica accompanied Bethany to a stable where she later bought a horse called Custard for Bethany, ostensibly to cheer her up.

However, Bethany subsequently finds out that Custard was only a hushed gift given to Jessica and Bethany’s father to conceal his relationship with them.

Later, intending to kill Jessica DiLaurentis because of their connection, Bethany removed Charlotte’s clothes and fled the sanitarium.

Who Played the Role of A in Pretty Little Liars?

Who Played the Role of A in Pretty Little Liars?

In Pretty Little Liars, three people have portrayed A. The antagonist for both seasons one and two of “The Original A” was Mona Vanderwaal.

Alison DiLaurentis and her group of cruel girls’ constant tormenting of Mona Vanderwaal served as Mona Vanderwaal’s primary inspiration for becoming A.

But Vanderwaal discovered a new sense of popularity in her neighborhood and changed her strategy to keep it.

However, Vanderwaal discovered a new sensation of popularity in her neighborhood and altered her strategy in order to preserve it.

Vanderwaal spent her time as an A extorting The Liars’ members into disclosing their identities.

Every person who assumed the persona of A had an A-Team, and Mona Vanderwaal was no exception. She blackmailed Lucas Gottesman and Melissa Hastings into helping her.

When Mona’s secret identity as the Original A is discovered, she is sent to Radley Sanitarium, where she receives rigorous psychiatric care.

Following her discharge from the Sanitarium, Vanderwaal learns that someone else has assumed the identity of A and is ready to help them.

Charlotte DiLaurentis, also known as Big A, was the second person to adopt the persona of A.

During their stay at the Sanitarium, Mona and Charlotte became close friends when Mona revealed to Charlotte that Alison’s acquaintances were relieved to learn of her passing.

In her rage, Charlotte turned into an even more vicious version of Alison because she felt Alison deserved friends who wanted to see her grow.

Her demise as A was the sole cause of her death. Charlotte’s death resulted in the invention of Uber A, the most destructive A of all time.

Is Alison the Mother of Emily’s Child?

Is Alison the Mother of Emily's Child?

Yes, Alison became pregnant through artificial insemination using Wren Kingston and Emily’s eggs.

Alison was shocked to learn she was pregnant because it happened when she was being treated at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital by Archer Dunhill.

Alison was first afraid since she wasn’t sure if she was prepared to raise the children of her violent ex-husband.

Alison had never been in love before, but she could find solace in Emily after the cruel treatment she received at Welby.

She had intended to get an abortion before learning she was carrying Emily’s child.

However, when Alison gets a gift from Uber A that was ostensibly intended for her egg donor, she learns that it was actually her baby.

The necklace that bears Emily’s name in the present makes her recall the circumstances of her artificial insemination.

She questions having children as she learns that Archer Dunhill did not cause her to become pregnant.

When Emily confronts Alison about why she keeps pushing her away yet wants to be near her, the pair experiences their first major marital breakthrough.

The reason Alison pushed Emily away is unknown, but she says she was prepared to stop and made the decision that she wanted to start a family with Emily.

Following this admission, Alison continues, “I failed in so many of my prior relationships, and I never wanted to harm our connection with the typical justifications I’d come up with.”

Alison truly loved Emily, which set Emily apart from every other person she had dated previously.

They were more intimate because of their pregnancy. And as a result, this led to the birth of Grace and Lily, adorable twin daughters.

What Caused Alison and Emily’s Divorce?

The divorce

In Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists, Alison and Emily got a divorce since they couldn’t keep up a healthy marriage and had serious trust problems because of Alison’s history.

Alison DeLaurentis tried to convince herself that she loved Emily Fields enough to change, but she found it hard to let go of her tendency to be nasty.

In the Pretty Little Liars spin-off series, Alison relocates to Beacon Heights to accept a position as a professor at the community college.

Despite finding it difficult to be upbeat or inspirational, Alison vowed to Emily that she would show Emily that she could change by becoming a helpful mentor to her pupils.

Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan’s teacher, Alison, now serve as their mentors following the death of Nolan, one of her pupils.

Alison is too nervous to talk to Emily about their relationship since she expects divorce papers after noticing Emily’s ring off in a social media image with their twins.

Mona reminds her that when Alison moved across the nation to accept her teaching position, she must have realized the direction their relationship was going.

Alison learns that she actually moved away because the pain of living close to Emily and no longer being a couple was too much for her to handle, despite what she had been telling herself.

Alison had moved and accepted the teaching position to show Emily that she could live a trustworthy life.

Alison emails Emily after having a drink of wine and signing the divorce papers.

She expresses regret for her lack of communication and says it has been challenging for her to complete their divorce. Alison returns to the murder investigation to divert her attention.

How Come Alison is Afraid of Ezra?

DeLaurentis becomes even more afraid of Ezra

Alison DeLaurentis becomes even more afraid of Ezra Fitz after finding out that he is penning a real-life crime novel. He was mad at her for lying about her age, so she was already afraid of him.

Fitz plans to write his book using every aspect he discovers.

Alison and Ezra first met at a pub and began dating the summer before she vanished.

Despite the fact that Ezra genuinely liked her, Alison was forced to leave once he realized how old she actually was, and he would never see her again.

Ezra Fitz earned the moniker “Board Shorts” because he frequently paired boysenberry pie with Board Shorts Ale.

In season four, when she spoke to Hanna Marin in Alison’s voice, Tippi introduced “Board Shorts” to the Liars.

Until “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t,” the Liars are unaware that Alison deceived “Board Shorts” about her age and had planned to take him to Cape May.

Spencer Hastings ultimately understands much of the narrative in the episode (Bite Your Tongue) And he finally cracks the majority of the plot and learns that Ezra Fitz is the enigmatic figure everyone has been looking for.

In Free Fall, Ezra admits to Aria Montgomery that the primary reason he dated her was to find out more about Alison for his book.

In order to mend their relationship, Ezra realizes he is genuinely in love with Aria and goes hunting for her.

Ezra was wounded but survived, and he was shot just after the pair were reunited.

To show that he has saved manuscripts only with the intention of returning them to Aria, Ezra would be reintroduced into the story during season five.

Who is Beach Hottie?

Who is Beach Hottie?

Alison used the fictitious name “Beach Hottie” in her writings to refer to her affair with another man in Cape May.

It turns out that this individual was Darren Wilden. After her debut in Season 3, Beach Hottie’s identity remained a mystery.

Before it was discovered that Ezra Fitz was that person and did not have a sexual relationship with Alison, it was first thought that Board Shorts was another name Alison used in her journal.

This shows that the two names were intended for distinct individuals.

They had been having a good time with Melissa and Cece at the moment.

At one point, Alison worried she was expecting his child and confided in Cece that she was concerned about his response.

Darren Wilden had a reputation for being a womanizer throughout his life and had slept with several older women, including Jessica DiLaurentis and Ashley Marin.

Wilden knew that his activities might cause imprisonment if they were discovered because Alison was a minor at the time of their sexual connection.

Wilden was prepared to kill Garrett Reynolds if that meant keeping his corrupt character hidden from the public.

At some point, Hanna Marin confronts Wilden about his sexual relationship with Alison after Charlotte informed Emily Fields that she thinks Alison is still alive after seeing a lady who resembled her in a red coat.

Darren Wilden threatens to murder Hanna if she continues to investigate his prior connection with Alison after persuading Ashley Marin to keep her daughter out of his private affairs.

Wilden concentrates his efforts on really murdering Alison after learning that she is still alive.

Charlotte intends to have Wilden assassinated after learning about his plans.

Little does Wilden realize that Cece Drake, to whom Alison first disclosed their connection and her fictitious pregnancy, is Charlotte DiLaurentis.

While The Liars and Mona Vanderwaal are entrapped, she lures Wilden to Thornhill Lodge and arranges for his murder.

Charlotte arranges for Sara Harvey to show up to Wilden’s funeral dressed as The Black Widow in order to confirm his demise.

Who Destroyed Alison’s Cenotaph?

Who Destroyed Alison's Cenotaph

It is also revealed that Lucas demolished Alison’s memorial, and Jenna was the one who told the police where Toby was.

Wilden first revealed what had happened to their friend’s memorial to The Liars when they were still students at Rosewood High.

The girls are told that Alison’s memorial bench has been damaged by Detective Wilden when he arrives there.

Then, while watching Emily’s muddy footwear, he has a private talk with her.

The real reason Emily’s shoes were muddy was that Original A had texted her and requested her to bury certain things.

Hanna and Lucas become more intimate while Lucas continues to make good money online by selling Hanna’s old belongings.

However, Mona is not pleased with this change in their relationship and brutally makes fun of Lucas.

This made him the ideal victim for Mona, who used blackmail to force him to join her A-Team.

However, after discovering a letter Emily had written to The Liars, Wilden is confident that Emily is the one who destroyed Alison’s monument. Even worse, Wilden blames Emily for killing Alison.

Emily gave her explanation, saying that she felt horrible about the awful things she had written in her letter about Alison and that she had gone to Alison’s memorial bench to beg for Alison’s pardon.

The memorial had already been damaged when she arrived.

It was subsequently discovered that Emily’s luggage, which contained the letter she sent to The Liars concerning Alison, was stolen by Wilden.

The Liars did not accept the detective’s claims since they thought Emily was too good-hearted to ever commit murder, and Wilden was removed from the investigation.

The monument was broken, but Lucas doesn’t admit it until he had no choice but to confess it to Hanna when she was in the hospital.

In order to figure out Big A’s identity and the narrative twists, the public frequently asked on various forums who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars. We really hope you find the information you were looking for.

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