Why am I Getting so Many Friend Requests on Facebook?

You will learn here the best possible method to solve your queries about why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook.

Why am I Getting so Many Friend Requests on Facebook?

When someone sends you a Facebook friend request, they are requesting to be connected with you on the social network.

When someone requests to connect with you, you will receive a notification in your News Feed. You can then choose whether to accept or reject the request.

If you accept the request, the person will be added to your friend’s list and their profile and posts will appear in your News Feed.

Why are you Getting Many Facebook Friend Requests Every Day?

Let’s discuss the possible reasons for it;

Firstly, maybe you are a more popular character among your friends and maybe you are so pretty, handsome, and friendly, and your beauty and appearance attract people toward you. You should be happy about it.

Secondly, some people could be at your school or office. They may think that “Oh yeah I have seen him or her before.” It leads them to send you a friend request.

Thirdly, It could be someone having a crush on another. They may want to see what you post and how you are doing.

Fourthly, could be a friend of a friend. They could dislike you or be curious. Might be a jealous person to see how much you interact with someone on posts.

Finally, the person might like or love you, and he or she is too afraid to talk to you about it. So they rather contact you through Facebook.

These are the most possible reasons that I’ve come up with.


Why am I Still Getting too Many Facebook Friend Requests Every Minute?

Here are the reasons why you get too many Facebook friends requests every minute:

1. The algorithm for showing mutual friends has increased.

2. This also increases the number of spam requests too.

3. Sometimes, your “Friends of Friends” recognize you and they would like to be friends on Facebook.

4. Some people just want to see what you post and your progress, your lifestyle, etc.

5. Some strangers want to get money from you.

6. Another set of strangers may need to get your private details for various purposes.

How do I Stop Unknown People from Sending me Messages?

In Messenger, you have three options for it, these are:

1. We can select the option to ignore messages

2. Or can block them on Facebook

3. Or can block them on messenger

Another thing you can do is place a request for this feature via Facebook’s feedback page. And also, we can use Facebook help email @[email protected].

It’s true that we can’t block friend requests from strangers completely. So, if we are receiving many friend requests from unknown people, the only option is to change our privacy settings:

1. Just click the privacy settings.

2. After that, you can select “edit settings”

3. Select “Friends of Friends” next to “how people can find and contact you”.

Do Facebook Friend Requests Expire?

Yes, Facebook friend requests expire. If you don’t add someone as a friend within a certain amount of time, their request will expire and they will be removed from your list of pending requests.

What Happens when Someone doesn’t Accept your Friend Request on Facebook?

There are a few different things that could happen when someone doesn’t accept your friend request on Facebook.

One possibility is that the person never sees your request. Another possibility is that the person sees your request but doesn’t accept it.

In this case, you may never know why the person didn’t accept your request.

What Happens if you Accept a Friend Request from Someone that’s not Real?

There’s no harm in accepting a friend request from someone who isn’t real.

The person may just be using a fake account to spam or troll others, and they won’t be added to your friends’ list.


There’s nothing to be afraid of; just be cautious. You should be extremely cautious about who you share your personal information with. You must be aware of who you are dealing with. To avoid receiving unexpected messages, do not accept friend requests from people you do not know.

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