Why Do Huskies Howl? Main Reasons

 Howling is a common trait in the Siberian Husky breed, but each husky may howl for a variety of reasons. Read below and learn about why Huskies howl below

Why Do Huskies Howl?

Almost all dogs howl occasionally. It’s bound to happen, whether to the sounds of sirens, other dogs howling, or musical instruments. 

Husky owners, on the other hand, may notice that their dogs howl much more frequently than other breeds.

This ancestry link between the prehistoric wolf and the Siberian Husky can also be seen in their thick fur, triangular ears, and pointed muzzle.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the Husky’s wolf-like howl.

Reasons Huskies Howl

The urge to alert other Huskies or their owner to their location isn’t the only reason your Husky howls.

If you are observant, you will notice that your Siberian Husky also howls in the following situations.

1. In Response to Another Howl

If you own a Husky and are watching a movie scene where a wolf or another Husky howl, your Siberian will likely respond with a howl. 

It happens all the time. And if you’ve never experienced this with your Husky, play the YouTube video above for them. 

Chances are, they’ll instantly become intrigued and eventually follow with a howling cry of their own. It is instinctual for a Siberian Husky to howl to identify with another Husky. 

Like how wolves howl to communicate their location to other wolves in the pack, your Husky will likely attempt the same.


2. When they Hear High-pitched Sounds

It appears that Huskies will howl when a high-pitched sound seems to call for help. The cry of a baby or the siren of an ambulance is both good examples.

While they don’t sound like other Huskies, sirens and baby cries are high-pitched signs of alarm that could be mistaken as a call for help from another Husky.

Again, this is all because of instincts. Even if your Husky has never experienced life in a “dog pack” during their sled-dog days, they were born to respond this way.

Note: It isn’t just ambulance sirens that can trigger a howl. Police sirens, fire engine sirens, and tornado sirens are also potential howl triggers.

A fun game would be to play different types of sirens or noises to see what your dog responds to.

3. When the Husky is Unwell and Needs to Say so to its Owner

Howls can also represent cries of pain, anxiety, or even stress.

If your Husky is frequently howling at nothing in particular, you may want to take them to the local vet and check for potential health issues. 

Though Siberian Huskies are typically a healthy breed, the good health of Huskies can be threatened by hereditary eye disease and canine hip dysplasia. 

Plus, it’s not uncommon for dogs to lash out due to the pain from injuries.

As both of these issues are more likely in Huskies than in other breeds, you should be on the lookout for signs of these disorders

So if you think about it, howling in this case is yet another form of communication.

4. When they have an Attachment Issue and are Anxious

Dogs can have attachment issues, just like humans.

If a Husky finds that its owner is away for a time that is longer than normal, it is bound to feel abandoned and lonely. 

That’s why we never recommend Huskies for busy owners.

This feeling of abandonment can trigger a sense of anxiety, and they may deal with this anxiety by howling in an attempt to call you back to their location.

If you search for videos on YouTube, you’ll see many Huskies howling when the owners aren’t home.

Huskies are social and loyal dogs. In a home environment, the family is their pack. 

As such, plenty of love and affection is necessary to keep them happy. 

In fact, the AKC calls them “outgoing,” which may explain the attachment issues.

5. When they are Happy

Here’s where things can get a little confusing. Howls aren’t always signs of pain, anxiety, or distress. 

The high-pitched cry of a Husky can also signify the joy they feel when they meet a friend they have not seen for some time.

You will notice a happy expression in the howl of a Husky when its owner is back from work or a long trip. 

It’s different from the howl of sadness or pain. It’s hard to explain, as all Huskies will sound different.

6. When they Sense Danger and Want to Communicate it

Dogs seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to danger, which can partially be attributed to their improved sense of smell and hearing. 

Siberian Huskies are no exception.

Do Husky Puppies Howl?

It’s rare to hear a Husky puppy howl – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. Howls are an instinctual part of Husky behavior, and Husky pups are no different. 

There’s a good chance they’ll figure out how to howl even without hearing another dog’s howl.

While their young vocal cords can’t produce a full-throated howl, they will still try to their best to howl to and mimic the cry of other more experienced dogs.

Although Huskies will naturally learn to howl, if an older Husky lives in the same household, they will learn much faster. 

Dogs are excellent at teaching one another. It only takes one Husky to show them what they’re capable of.


The above reasons are why Huskies howl, but if yours howl unnecessarily, kindly visit a doctor for a headway. Note, it’s equally imperative for Huskies to howl, thus preventing them from doing so is like preventing humans from talking. Please, kindly share this content.

CSN Team.

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