why is my fedex package delayed

Why Does FedEx Take So Long?

Nothing irritates an online shopper more than the late delivery of goods. Do you want to know why FedEx takes so long? This article is for you!

why is my fedex package delayed

A Tedmondo study found that 80% of internet customers want their goods delivered on the same day.

That’s why they use global shipping carriers such as FedEx, because of their huge network of fulfillment and distribution facilities.

But up to 16% of FedEx shipments arrive after their scheduled delivery time.

Why does Fed Ex take so long? This article will provide the answers!

About Fed Ex

why is my fedex package delayed

FedEx Corporation, also known as Federal Express Corporation, is a Memphis, Tennessee-based international company that offers business services, e-commerce, and transportation.

Frederick W. Smith, a Yale University alumnus, launched the business in 1971 as Federal Express Corporation in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In a term paper he wrote while attending Yale, he proposed the idea for the business and argued for a system made especially for last-minute delivery.

Federal Express, the name of the company’s initial air division that was in use from 1973 to 2000, is shortened to “FedEx” using syllabics.

As one of the first significant shipping firms to provide overnight delivery as a hallmark service, FedEx is best recognized today for its air delivery service known as  FedEx Express.

Why Does Fed Ex Take So long?

1. Missing Documents

why is my fedex package delayed

To aid in delivery, packages come with lots of documentation.

Apart from the address, other details like the commercial invoice are required for shipment.

The commercial invoice provides evidence that the buyer received the requested item and that the transaction was completed legally.

The package’s weight is another important piece of paperwork.

FedEx delivery vans frequently need to weigh at stations because they travel across states. If the truck is overweight, certain states impose fees.

FedEx must be aware of the weight of each item to load their vehicles properly and avoid paying these penalties.

The package won’t move without the weight information. FedEx must receive it from the seller.

The packing list and the Certificate of Origin for the North American Free Trade Agreement are also required.

FedEx is unable to deliver the shipment without such attachments.

2. Weather-Related Issues

why is my fedex package delayed

Approximately 40% of deliveries that are delayed are caused by bad weather conditions.

Rain frequently thwarts your shipping partner’s efforts to deliver packages on time.

Also, driving is risky during strong thunderstorms.

Sometimes, FedEx couriers must wait for the storm to pass before they can resume driving.

Road damage can result from severe storms including hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms.

Because the road needs to be cleared, it is necessary for the driver to halt.

However, weather-related delivery delays are not covered by FedEx money-back guarantees.

3. Fed Ex Delayed Your Package

why is my fedex package delayed

FedEx may conduct a search for drugs, weapons, and other illicit items to detain.

Your package cannot be opened or searched by FedEx.

They can keep the shipment, though, if they get a tip or think the vendor might be selling illegal goods.

To ascertain whether the shipment is legitimate, the police will look into it. The package will get to the owner if it is deemed safe.

You risk going to jail if it does carry illegal goods.

4. Lost Packages

A lost parcel might cause a delivery delay. In this case, the recipient is doubtful if it will arrive on time.

Even though the package may still be in their system, they are unable to proceed to its intended location due to a number of problems.

In the courier’s shipment process, a lot of things could go wrong.

It can be misplaced by the workers, it might fall off the truck, or it might be stolen. However, the last scenario is relatively uncommon.

Another potential problem is the label.

There are no alternative means to identify its intended location if it has been damaged to the point that it is no longer valid, including the barcode.

Also, delays could be caused by poor printing quality.  The print on some labels may have faded or are difficult to see or scan.

It will be returned to the sender if at all possible, thereby delaying delivery.

5. Wrong Address

why is my fedex package delayed

A wrong address is among the most frequent causes of FedEx’s delivery delays.

There are a number of reasons why the shipping label could have an inaccurate address.

Buyer error is the first problem.

It’s conceivable that the buyer entered the incorrect mailing address unknowingly.

This may also occur if a buyer mistakenly selects the incorrect shipping address out of numerous addresses on file.

When FedEx delivers to the wrong address, they have to take their time to fix the error.

Also, delivery delays might be caused by a simple misspelling.

The driver might not be able to find the correct address because of the missing information.

If the address is incorrect, the recipient would reject the delivery.

6. Recipient Unavailability

why is my fedex package delayed

Customers can obstruct your efforts to fulfill orders on schedule, even if you try.

Most times, when a package is delivered, the intended recipients are not around to accept it.

The customer may request to delay the delivery or suggest picking it up from the closest distribution center.

However, you need to make sure the package’s contents are undamaged when delivering time-sensitive commodities like wine or other food items.

The fact that a delivery is being made for a business is one factor that can delay FedEx’s delivery of an item.

The recipient has business hours if they are a company. If the business is closed, no one is available to sign for the package.

If the package comes in over the weekend, the issue gets worse.

7. A Large Number of Packages

why is my fedex package delayed

Delays are unavoidable when the courier is handling a high volume of parcels.

This usually happens during the holidays.

The need for deliveries has increased in part due to the popularity of online shopping.

It is anticipated to grow by 33% during the course of the holiday season. Although, couriers get ready for these increases in delivery volume.

There will always be delays because the demand is still excessive.

Customers who intend to buy gifts online should keep this in mind.

To beat the rush, you should buy as early as you can.

Fed Ex is not at fault if your presents are not delivered on time, especially if they were delivered within the holiday season.

How to Speed Up Your Fed Ex Delivery

You can take a few steps to guarantee that your FedEx packages arrive on time or early.

They include:

1. Register for the Sunday Expansion

why is my fedex package delayed

FedEx added Sunday delivery to its list of services in January 2020.

Prior to it, only Monday through Saturday were used for package deliveries.

FedEx may meet its goals by including Sunday in its delivery window. This implies that you can receive your shipments on time.

You can check if FedEx in your area honors the Sunday Expansion.

If your order is supposed to arrive on Sunday but doesn’t, you could raise the issue with your FedEx provider.

2. Make Use of FedEx Evening Home Delivery

why is my fedex package delayed

For its clients, FedEx provides a variety of services. FedEx Evening Home Delivery is one of those services.

Between the hours of 5 and 8 PM, this service notifies drivers that they can deliver packages to your house.

The service is available every day of the week. However, signing up for this service can hasten your delivery.

Without the service, drivers might be unable to deliver to your home because it falls outside of the delivery timeframe.

Therefore, if the recipient needs to be there to sign for it, they must wait until the following day or several days.

FedEx Evening Home Delivery is a good option if you need to sign for the delivery.

3. Cross-Check Shipping Information

why is my fedex package delayed

You should cross-check the shipping information before submitting your order.

Make sure you entered the correct shipping address.

You should confirm that the vendor has the correct delivery details after placing the transaction.

Check the address one last time when they send the tracking information to you. This is the data the seller provided to FedEx.

If everything is in order, there is a lesser possibility of the goods being delivered to the wrong address.

4. Order During Off-Peak Times

why is my fedex package delayed

Placing online orders during busy seasons of the year is an issue that many customers experience.

The busiest time of the year for delivery services is during the holidays.

They have a few weeks to process millions of parcels.

Processing a high number of packages at once increases the likelihood of mistakes.

By beginning your holiday shopping early, you can hasten delivery.

By looking for bargains outside of the holiday shopping season, you can further increase your savings.

5. Make Use of Custom Critical

why is my fedex package delayed

FedEx offers a specialized service called Custom Critical. The cost is attached.

You can choose the precise date and time that you want Fed Ex to deliver your goods using the Custom Critical service.

It compels the drivers to prioritize your package.

Hence, FedEx is required to deliver your goods on the date and hour you specified when you paid a fee for the service.

6. Pay Additional Shipping Fees

why is my fedex package delayed

Paying additional shipping fees is another way to shorten the time it takes for your goods to be delivered.

Most retailers will provide a variety of shipping choices.

FedEx Ground is the most cost-effective choice. This option is also the slowest.

The package travels by road through FedEx Ground from one facility to another.

Air travel is a more expensive choice.

The delivery process is accelerated by the use of a plane for the package.

Even though air travel is more expensive, it’s a great way to hasten item delivery.

What Happens if Fed Ex Delivers to an Incorrect Address?

why is my fedex package delayed

FedEx will make an effort to fix the issue if they deliver to the incorrect address.

You may track your package’s progress with their tracking app.

The tracking will indicate that the order has been delivered once the driver has finished the delivery.

You will also be given the address where the package was left.

The package will have the recipient’s name if they signed for it.

When you realize the package is at an incorrect address, you must immediately notify both your seller and FedEx customer care.

What is Fed Ex Delivery Exception?

why is my fedex package delayed

A FedEx “delivery exception” is when an unforeseen circumstance, such as a customs hold-up, a holiday closure, or lack of paperwork, hinders the delivery of the goods.

FedEx will give you a code for extra information in the event of a delivery or shipment exception.

The information should also provide an explanation and the code.

To get more updates on shipment progress, the business advises registering for its FedEx Delivery Manager.

How to Track a Fed Ex Delivery in Real Time

why is my fedex package delayed

For both domestic and international shipments, FedEx tracking provides adaptable and quick options.

There are alternatives for every type of shipping, whether you want to track your parcels from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

1. FedEx Tracking Number

The FedEx tracking number is the foundation of the entire tracking process.

All the package information is encrypted in the tracking number, which is a special code.

Each box has a special number that is given to it when it is shipped from a store or after an online transaction.

In addition to the 10-, 15-, 20-, and 22-digit numbers that FedEx assigns, there are also 10-, 15-, and 20-digit numbers.

FedEx tracking numbers typically don’t have any letters.

Here is an illustration of a FedEx tracking number with 12 digits.

123 456 789 012

The tracking number is typically visible on your shipping label.

It will be given to you when you send a box at any FedEx store or instantly sent to you when you complete an eCommerce purchase.

You can follow your FedEx packages using their tracking numbers in the ways listed above.

2. Easyship Dashboard

If you use Easyship to ship with FedEx, you can quickly track your FedEx package from the dashboard of Easyship.

Search for the FedEx tracking number in the search field or navigate to the Manage Shipment section and choose “All.”

With the help of branded emails and alerts that are specifically designed for you, you can easily monitor the status of your shipment.

Visit this page for more information on how to track shipments.

3. FedEx Website

Using a computer or mobile device, you can check the status of your FedEx packages on the FedEx website.

If your mobile device has a web browser, you can visit the FedEx mobile website to follow, nickname, and manage the status of your shipments.

You can track the status of your shipment on the FedEx website, including when it is initiated, picked up, in transit, and delivered.

To see the precise location of your package, simply go to the FedEx tracking page, enter up to 30 parcel tracking numbers, and press the “Track” button.

4. FedEx Mobile App

For tracking and managing your shipments while on the road, FedEx offers mobile apps.

However, you must first download and set up FedEx Mobile for iPhone or FedEx Mobile for Android.

With FedEx Mobile apps, any shipping label that you create through your account or add to FedEx Advanced tracking will automatically appear on your mobile device.

Different FedEx services, including FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Ground, all provide package tracking via FedEx Mobile applications.


When FedEx delivers packages, many factors come to play.

Shipments are delayed due to recipient unavailability and a high volume of packages.

To hasten the delivery of your FedEx shipments, keep the aforementioned factors in mind.

CNS Team.

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