Why is Oxtail So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

To partake in a pleasant oxtail stew or another recipe, then you might find that oxtail is costly. It generally sells for around $10 or more per pound. Taking into account that oxtail isn’t that much meat, regardless, the cost might amaze you.

why is oxtail so expensive

In view of the eating ways of behaving of people hundreds of years prior, the oxtail used to be a neglected part. 

In any case, these days, with lots of preparation and handling, it has turned into a remarkable flavor that can not be tracked down in some other meat.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are experiencing passionate feelings for this superb dish, as a result of its taste as well as the sustenance it brings back.

Why is Oxtail So Costly?

A cow’s tail just takes up a minor load on its all-out body. A tail is typically around 6 to 7 pounds, which is considerably lower than other body parts like the brisket or posterior. 

That makes sense of why the oxtail is an exceptionally particular and restricted cut of meat.

On the off chance that you come to an eatery and request an oxtail serve, it will without a doubt be exorbitant because of its high extent of bone.

1. Cooking Interaction

As referenced previously, you want to invest long cooking energy and have specific cooking abilities to effectively set up this oxtail. 

Relatively few individuals are capable and quiet to the point of transforming this extreme fixing into a delicious dish.

It will take you something like three to four hours to completely cook. In any case, the outcome will most likely merit your time. 

The tail is delicate, and the meat drops out of the bone alongside an entrancing smell. It is basically impossible that you can stand this brilliant dish however get a quick nibble!

Subsequently, you should chill off the tail to prohibit the fat out of it. For that reason, cafés put an exceptionally excessive cost for this dish contrasted with other meat feasts.

2. Request Surpasses Supply

In view of the eating ways of behaving of people hundreds of years prior, the oxtail used to be a neglected part. 

In any case, these days, with lots of preparation and handling, it has turned into a remarkable flavor that can not be tracked down in some other meat.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are experiencing passionate feelings for this superb dish, as a result of its taste as well as the sustenance it brings back. 

That purposefully expands the interest for this sort of meat, making it quite possibly the most adored food on earth. Thus, the interest surpasses the stock, which prompts the exorbitant cost of oxtails.

3. A Social Pattern

You probably caught wind of the huge expansion popular for shellfish and snails a couple of years prior. It was a worldwide pattern that transformed these fish things into the most costly ones.

A similar circumstance occurred with the oxtail, as well. You currently can without much of a stretch find this unusual dish showing up in numerous VIPs or celebrities’ dinners.

An even utilize this dish to intrigue business clients or companions however they don’t actually cherish its flavor. It has developed into some new sort of rich eating society.

4. High Conveyance Cost

Raising, handling, and conveying oxtail is an incredibly costly strategy. The greater part of them are delivered to China – quite possibly the greatest market on the planet.

This is where the handling happens. Then, at that point, Chinese providers will send back those handled oxtails to their accomplices to sell all around the world or locally.

The expense for selling handled fixings locally isn’t as modest as you suspect. The neighborhood providers actually need to pay over-the-top amounts of cash on delivery charges since they utilize cooled compartments to do the transportation.

5. Tension on Ranchers to Make Excellent Oxtails

As the interest for oxtails has developed fundamentally, ranchers need to confront a ton of strain to deliver the best items. 

They should deal with their bovine species  and furnish them with the best climate to have sufficient meat on their tails.

Consequently, ranchers contribute a lot of cash to guarantee that their cows are all healthy.

6. No Mass Deal

Being a scant kind of meat, the quantity of oxtails isn’t sufficient to sell in mass. 

Eateries must choose the option to purchase oxtails in little amounts on the double since they are just sold per pound. That makes sense: for what reason is oxtail so costly to purchase?

If you have any desire to partake in the delicacy of oxtail meat, then, at that point, there are a couple of ways you can set aside cash.

Instructions to Get a Cheap Oxtail

why is oxtail so expensive

Follow these tips to get a good deal on oxtail. If you have any desire to partake in the delicacy of oxtail meat, then, at that point, there are a couple of ways you can set aside cash.

1. Purchase Inferior Quality Meat

why is oxtail so expensive

Like any kind of cut of meat, oxtail meat has contrasts in its quality. At times it comes from the way that the meat wasn’t great in any case. A debilitated cow or a malnourished one can yield inferior quality meat.

Some of the time the meat simply comes out poor. It might not have sufficient fat to give it flavor. The meat, itself, might be extreme. 

Whatever the explanation, on the off chance that the meat is inferior quality, you can expect a lower cost on it.

2. Asian and European Stores

why is oxtail so expensive

One more cash-saving tip is to come by your nearby Asian or European store. Since oxtail is in many cases served in those nations, they will generally purchase a lot of it at a time.

They realize that their clients will get it. American stores don’t buy as much oxtail.

That is on the grounds that individuals don’t regularly get it at the store. They just request oxtail dinners from the café. Since Asian and European stores target purchasers who make oxtail recipes at home, they purchase a huge sum.

The outcome is a lower cost by and large. American stores have a greater cost since they just stock a limited quantity of it. On the off chance that you really want to purchase oxtail, you’ll need to visit your neighborhood Asian and Global stores.

3. Make a Stew or Soup

why is oxtail so expensive

To make oxtail more affordable, then, at that point, you really want to make it last longer.

That can be challenging to do when you have very little meat at first. The key is to involve the meat in a stew or soup.

This permits you to utilize different fixings, similar to vegetables, to make the dinners more filling without depending exclusively on the meat. You want to deal with oxtail like a side instead of as the fundamental fixing.

In doing so, you can make enormous pots of stews and soups that can keep going for a whole week. 

Rather than expecting to purchase a few pounds of oxtail all week long, you just have to purchase a pound for a soup or stew. You’ll have a lot of extras that are pleasant to eat and set aside your cash.

4. Purchase from the Neighborhood Butcher

why is oxtail so expensive

One more extraordinary cash-saving tip for oxtail is to view it as your nearby free butcher. 

Before oxtail became famous, butchers would frequently throw oxtail and other bothersome meats into the piece container.

It’d track down the use in different dishes, or they’d send it to the close by canine food organization. Since oxtail wasn’t as wanted then, butchers sold them modestly.

You might have the option to find a nearby butcher who is as yet able to give you a reasonable cost on their meat. 

That is on the grounds that you can skirt a ton of the handling that goes into efficiently manufactured meat.

Since the meat is new, it’s less expensive. A few butchers might know about how oxtail is moving right now and request an excessive cost.

Notwithstanding, you can find a rare sort of people who will arrange the cost. It can save you a couple of dollars, in any event, which can add up on the off chance that you eat oxtail much of the time.

5. Purchase Throughout the Late spring

why is oxtail so expensive

Oxtail will in general turn out to be exceptionally famous throughout the cold weather months. 

That is on the grounds that it’s the base for some filling and generous stews. During colder months, individuals normally need food that is warm and filling.

Oxtail stew is a characteristic decision. The interest for oxtail will in general increment during the colder months. 

If you have any desire to set aside cash, then you ought to think about loading up on oxtail meat throughout the mid-year.

It’s during these months when the interest will be steady as opposed to expanding. You’ll have the option to get it at a standard cost as opposed to an expanded, occasional cost.

6. Substitute with Different Kinds of Meat

why is oxtail so expensive

You can now and then pull off involving different sorts of meat instead of oxtail. On the off chance that you find that you can’t bear the cost of the costly expense of oxtail, then you might need to think about utilizing a replacement.

One of the most well-known is the meat neck. As its name would recommend, the meat comes from the cow’s neck. It’s not quite so delicate or delightful as oxtail, but rather it has a similar substantial and generous quality.

It’s additionally less expensive. Another substitute is veal. Veal tail is basically the same as oxtail in that it’s delicate and succulent. The issue is that it’s likewise more modest than the meat you’d get with oxtail.

It is more reasonable, nonetheless, so you could possibly purchase a couple of pounds more and get more meat than you would in the event that you purchased oxtail.

Indeed, even Fledgling Cooks Can Make Great Oxtail

The expense and idea of oxtail leave a lot of novice cooks addressing whether to attempt the meat. All things considered, you would rather not consume a $12 pound of meat incidentally!

Yet, just sit back and relax, oxtail is fledgling well disposed. There are many simple recipes and thoughts for making the ideal oxtail feast.

Medical Advantages to Eating Oxtail

why is oxtail so expensive

In many societies, oxtail is considered exceptionally nutritious and a superfood for well-being. The meat contains solid fats and protein required for weight reduction.

Moreover, oxtail is high in collagen and keratin which helps skin, hair, and bones stay solid.

Nonetheless, in light of the fact that oxtails are fat-weighty, you ought to consume them with some restraint. Likewise, with most rich meats, overconsumption can cause weight gain and cholesterol issues.

4 Oxtail Substitutes

why is oxtail so expensive

Assuming the cost of oxtail makes them run for the slopes, don’t pressure – there are a lot of reasonable replacements you can attempt.

1. Short Ribs

Short ribs have a comparative muscle-to-bone and ligament proportion to oxtails, so they’ll taste comparative and have an incredible surface when slow-cooked.

They as a rule cost about $7-$10 per pound. You’ll need to ensure and cook them at a sluggish rate and low temperature to keep the meat from becoming hard or chewy.

2. Meat Neck Bones

Hamburger neck bones aren’t the most famous cut of meat, so you ordinarily need to demand them from the butcher counter.

In any case, the bones have a high collagen content, meaning the final product of slow-cooked neck bones is a smooth, rich dish like oxtails.

In any case, neck bones turn out best for stewing and can’t sub in for other oxtail varieties. Most meat neck bones will cost about $3-$4 per pound.

3. Meat or Legs of Lamb

Knives, otherwise called front knives or rear knives, substitute well for oxtail stew, cooked oxtail, and other oxtail recipes.

They have a comparable surface to oxtails however cost essentially less. legs of lamb

Legs of lamb will generally cost about $7-$9 per pound, while meat knives cost about $4-$5 per pound.

Note that the legs of lamb will taste more grounded than meat knives, so don’t get it in the event that you could do without sheep flavors.

4. Hamburger Cheeks

Hamburger cheeks aren’t the most famous cut of meat since they can get truly chewy and intense whenever overcooked.

Be that as it may, assuming you have the opportunity and willpower to slow cook the meat, hamburger cheeks can give a cheap option in contrast to oxtail in stew or braised dishes.

They ordinarily run about $10 per pound, and you will presumably go to the butcher counter to track down them.

Oxtail Dishes to Attempt at Home

why is oxtail so expensive

Assuming you’re considering what to present with your oxtails, you’ve come to the ideal locations.

In this article, I list 11 of the most famous side dishes for oxtails. In a hurry? Here is the short response.

The best side dishes for oxtails are garlic rolls, polenta, and buttered noodles. You can likewise attempt a few South African conventional sides like boereboontjies, sultana rice, and chakalaka. 

For a better decision, you might serve a plate of mixed greens or vegetables like squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Are you game? We should bounce right in.

1. Messy Garlic Skillet Rolls

why is oxtail so expensive

Something really doesn’t add up about the mix of warm, delicate rolls, garlic, and cheddar that I can’t help it. They’ll transform your oxtail stew into outright solace food.

This recipe is better with mozzarella cheddar, yet assuming you have an alternate sort of cheddar, that will likewise work.

Serve close to some tacky oxtail in red wine sauce or even dunk them into the pineapple-mango sauce of yanked oxtail. Make a beeline for Fiery Southern Kitchen for a messy goodness recipe.

2. Yellow Rice

why is oxtail so expensive

Do you have any idea how yellow rice gets its striking yellow tone? Turmeric! This sultana yellow rice is a South African side dish that is an incredible backup to an oxtail course.

When served at an end of the week supper with stew, your entire family will ask for more! The brilliant fixing, sultana, gives the dish its sweet and succulent flavor.

Jas adds curry powder for additional flavor. So great!

3. Boereboontjies

why is oxtail so expensive

Boereboontjies is one more customary side dish in South Africa that is articulated as boo-ra bwoyn-keys. Otherwise called “rancher’s beans”.

This dish comprises blended green beans, potatoes, and onions crushed up with margarine and pepper. Its name might be trying to say, yet the moves toward making it are really simple.

Make it more intriguing by adding your #1 fixings like cheddar and bacon bits.

Embellish with parsley or rosemary, then, at that point, serve it close to your stove-heated oxtail. Yum! Attempt this recipe with your next broil from Ravenous Connoisseur.

4. Chakalaka

why is oxtail so expensive

Oxtails aren’t only for soups and stews any longer. They can likewise be grilled.

Furthermore, in the event that you have festivities, social occasions, or just an outside supper, chakalaka is an unquestionable requirement!

It’s a vegetable relish, regularly produced using onion, tomatoes, and beans with squashed chiles. Look at this recipe from Vagabond Plate that sounds like a dance move – cha-ka-laka! 

5. Polenta with Roasted Vegetables

why is oxtail so expensive

Polenta is a porridge produced using cornmeal. A smooth side dish will hoist your braised oxtail to a higher level.

It’s rich, yummy, and has the right surface to absorb any extra sauce on your plate. Neighbor Food’s cooked summer vegetable polenta bowls are an ideal blend of seasons.

6. Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage

why is oxtail so expensive

Risotto seems like one of those quite extravagant dishes in an eatery, yet all at once, it’s not! It can simply beautify your table anytime as a flavorful side dish close by your oxtail stew.

I realize oxtail dishes are now wealthy in flavor. In any case, a little part of this similarly flavorsome side dish will make your feast far superior. Look at this recipe from Eat with Lucidity.

7. Steamed Broccoli

why is oxtail so expensive

Steamed broccoli sounds exhausting and essential. However, guess what? You can make it taste 10x better. This light and sound side will supplement your tasty and wantonly rich oxtail dish.

Give your steamed broccoli a lift by improving the flavors with some garlic and spread. You won’t ever need to get back to that boring, flavorless broccoli side dish once more.

This lemon pepper broccoli recipe from Taste and Tell is amazing close by some smoked meat oxtail.


Purchasing oxtail has become altogether more costly thanks to its ascent in prevalence and restricted supply.

As additional individuals come to find out about the delightful flavor that oxtail gives, the costs will probably just increment. You can set aside some cash by following the tips above.

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