why is tom brady called the goat

Why is Tom Brady Called the GOAT? (Explained)

The quarterback who made the New England Patriots one of the best success stories in National Football League history is Tom Brady.

why is tom brady called the goat

Brady is undoubtedly one of the most well-known football players to date and is unlike any quarterback the professional game has ever seen.

There is no arguing that Tom Brady is a better professional football player than many of the new players joining the National Football League today, even though not everyone is on the Brady bandwagon.

Why is Tom Brady Called the GOAT?

why is tom brady called the goat

Brady has not always been referred to as the “GOAT.” It’s an abbreviation that also applies to athletes like Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Tiger Woods.

As for why Brady has earned that appellation for himself, well, his accomplishments and statistics speak for themselves. He has won the Super Bowl seven times, and he owns more Lombardi Trophies than any NFL team.

More than any other player, he has won the Super Bowl MVP award five times. He has won the NFL MVP award three times, making him the oldest player to do so (at age 40, in 2017).

He has played in 15 Pro Bowls, been selected for six All-Pro teams, and won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award twice. Additionally, he is a part of two NFL all-decade teams.

Additionally, Brady retired from the league at the age of 44 after 22 years of service. To surpass George Blanda, the NFL’s all-time oldest quarterback, who retired at age 48, he needed four more seasons in the league.

Brady, on the other hand, never had a decline in performance. After spending two decades in New England, he played at a good level in his age 43 and 44 seasons with Tampa Bay.

In fact, Brady’s final NFL season was undoubtedly one of his greatest, setting career highs in a number of throwing metrics, including attempts (719), completions (485), yards (5,316), and first-down completions (269).

Several other statistics for Brady, including a 67.5 completion %, 43 touchdowns, and 312.7 yards per game, were among the second-best in his career.

Brady, who is 44 years old, was the NFL’s oldest player at the time. Simply said, his career was enhanced by his efficacy, efficiency, awards, and longevity in addition to other factors.

He never suffered a “poor” season or the inevitable decline from his prime that almost every other athlete does. Tom may have played football for years to come. He gave up while he was ahead rather than losing the fight against Father Time.

Does Tom Brady Like Being Called the GOAT?

why is tom brady called the goat

The answer is simply NO, Tom Brady detests being referred to as the “best of all time,”, particularly after a defeat. According to this hall of fame quarterback, the title “GOAT” should only be applied to athletes who have completed their careers and have achieved everything that is humanly possible.

In Brady’s opinion, playing professional football is far from over. There is still plenty of time left in his professional career for him to surpass his previous records and push himself even higher.

When he first started hearing himself referred to as the “greatest of all time,” he became quite unconventional. Every time Tom Brady hears the word “GOAT,” he physically cringes because he detests it so much.

This National Football League legend would rather that people merely talk about him or his team instead of constantly showering him with accolades.

Brady would rather hear about his gameplay’s shortcomings so he can fix them than hear someone disparage him and then prove them wrong.

Tom Brady is inspired to perform as well as he does in part by the fact that he went from being one of the least desired rookies in the 2000 National Football League Draft to becoming one of the most significant football players to ever play in the league.

For Brady, being referred to as the “best of all time” indicates that everyone around him thinks his career as a quarterback has achieved its pinnacle.

Although he is now in his forties, he is showing the National Football League that players of all ages can achieve new heights, just like the fresh faces they bring in each year.

Is Tom Brady Retired?

why is tom brady called the goat

Tom Brady has not stopped playing, and he won’t until he has played at least one more season. Brady has previously said that he will retire but changed his mind before making a definitive choice, which is why so many people have been perplexed over whether or not he will retire.

Tom Brady initially thought about quitting because he anticipated reaching a point when he wouldn’t be able to give 100 percent while playing. Brady thought that he ought to “leave the field of play to the next generation of determined and motivated athletes” at the time.

The storied quarterback first desired to retire from the professional ranks before his condition deteriorated or he suffered a catastrophic injury, as he had observed many seasoned players of previous generations do.

He was anxious that he wouldn’t be able to achieve new heights in the upcoming year in order to cap off his 22-year career.

Tom Brady made the decision to play at least one more season before he thought he needed to retire in May of 2022. Brady has a great post-retirement plan in place, despite not retiring this year.

The Tampa Bay quarterback has a $375 million, 10-year deal with Fox Sports waiting for him once he decides his playing days are over. When he finally enters the television booth, he will take over as the new main analyst.

In addition to serving as the show’s principal commentator, Brady will also act as Fox Sports’ brand ambassador and perform a lot of advertising for the network. Brady intends to concentrate on leading the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl at least once more until that time.

What Was Tom Brady’s Best Season?

why is tom brady called the goat

The 2007 campaign, which he played in with the New England Patriots, was Tom Brady’s best campaign. The same season is regarded as the best in the New England Patriots history as a result of the quarterback’s contributions.

Brady rapidly demonstrated during his first six seasons that he had what it took to be a professional quarterback, despite being selected 199th overall in the 2000 National Football League Draft. Brady had approximately 300 completions and about 25 touchdowns prior to the 2007 season.

He was averaging between 10 and 14 victories per season at this time in his career, and his adjusted yards per attempt was between six and seven. Tom Brady was prepared to compete for the championship in the upcoming season after winning three Super Bowls.

Many Brady supporters believe that in 2007, Tom Brady really upped his game and began to post stats that were significantly greater than ever before. He achieved 98 completions in that one year alone, bringing his total up to 398.

Brady’s teammates also performed admirably that year, as they caught 68.9% of his throws. In the same year, Brady threw for 50 touchdowns, setting a record for the National Football League that hasn’t been topped to this day.

Since the Miami Dolphins won 14 games without dropping a contest in 1972, the New England Patriots had gone 16 games without suffering a loss in the regular season with Brady’s assistance by the end of 2007.

Despite the New England Patriots great regular season, some Patriots supporters still view 2007 as a letdown because of the team’s Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants.

How Does Tom Brady Compare to the Other Great Quarterbacks?

Great Quarterbacks

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the “best of all time,” but many football fans contend that there have been and are players in the professional league who are superior.

Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks the National Football League has ever seen when comparing his stats to those of other outstanding players.

With 300 regular-season touchdown passes, Tom Brady has the second-highest touchdown-interception differential among quarterbacks (plus 185). Peyton Manning leads all players with a +201 touchdown-interception difference.

An average of 270.9 yards per game since 2006, Brady is also in second place for the most throwing yards per game. With 298.9 passing yards per game, Drew Brees is the only quarterback in the National Football League with a higher average.

An average of 32 games, Brady falls to fourth place for the most consecutive games in which he has thrown a touchdown. He was defeated by Brett Favre, who won 36 straight games, Drew Brees, who won around 43 straight games, and John Unitas, who won 47 straight games.

In 2011, Tom Brady and Drew Brees both broke the previous mark for passing yards in a single season. Brees had 5,476 passing yards, while Brady had 5,235. With a rating of 71.3, Brady has the fourth-highest overall quarterback rating since 2008.

Even though Aaron Rogers formerly had a rating of 72.0, Drew Brees now has a rating of 72.8, and Peyton Manning now has a rating of 77.8.

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw share first place with four Super Bowl victories each, while Tom Brady ranks second among starting quarterbacks with three victories. The only quarterbacks to start in five Super Bowls were Tom Brady and John Elway.

How Did Tom Brady Get So Many Fans?

Great Quarterbacks

Tom Brady’s followers may identify with his life and professional story, which helps him gain a large following. More than only his football career, his followers adore him.

They value his character and everything he does for others around him. Tom was an unknown when he first entered the National Football League, and almost no one saw any potential in him.

Brady took inspiration from the public’s shock and used it as fuel to do everything he could to be better than they could possibly imagine, refusing to let the pressure break him. Tom and football star Joe Montana are frequently compared by longtime football fans.

Some Montana supporters have started supporting Brady because of their similar cool demeanors and their 16 shared offseason victories.

Although some professional sportsmen may succeed with a fiery spirit, Tom Brady’s success is partly attributed to his ability to remain composed in stressful situations.

Professional athletes often don’t crumble under pressure, but when Brady is on the field, he rarely exhibits any signs of worry. Recent Tom Brady supporters understand the impact his career has had on the older players who are still competing in the professional game.

Brady has demonstrated that he hasn’t turned into a glass cannon in the later years of his career, contrary to the perception of many team executives who view older players as fragile liabilities who may be taken out of the lineup at any time.

Brady’s fans and teammates are especially appreciative of his degree of commitment to each of the teams he has represented. Brady spent 20 years with the New England Patriots, putting the team’s demands ahead of his own concerns and never worried about how much money he would make next.

Tom Brady Loves Working with Charities

Great Quarterbacks

Since his first season in the National Football League, Tom Brady has worked with a number of charities because he is aware of the kind of star power and effect he has on young people. He has aided numerous causes in getting the support they require to effect change.

Brady has had the privilege of working with a number of organizations, including Best Buddies International, which supports individuals with intellectual and developmental impairments in forming friendships and locating employment in their neighborhood.

Brady has contributed to the organization’s $46.5 million in fundraising over the past 20 years. For 16 years, he was the organization’s honorary co-chair for its annual bike, run, and walk event. He later became its international ambassador.

Brady is a prominent activist who works to combat poverty in Africa in his spare time. After visiting Ghana and Uganda in 2004 with an organization called Debt AIDS Trade Africa, or DATA for short, Brady felt moved to support the cause.

The famous quarterback was permitted to go to hospitals, schools, and other public places. He wanted to find out how the US might best help the poor communities in Africa. Brady had enough experience working with nonprofits by the year 2015 that he was prepared to launch his own.

A healthcare organization called the TB12 Foundation assists athletes in achieving their goals and also offers medical care to athletes from low-income households or those who might not be able to buy the necessary supplies.

The group intends to provide healthcare to people all around the world and holds an annual marathon to collect money for medical expenses.

During its most recent marathon, the TB12 Foundation was able to raise more than $125,000. Brady also views his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as an “honor.”

How Much Has Tom Brady Gotten Through Contracts?

Great Quarterbacks

Tom Brady has earned a total of $329.36 million, and if the amount of his deal for the 2023 season is revealed, he will be earning even more money. According to Forbes, Brady was the sixth highest-paid athlete in 2022.

Tom Brady’s initial three-year deal with the New England Patriots was only paid $860,000 when he first entered the National Football League in 2000. Brady was therefore paid a yearly salary of around $286,700.

Brady had already accrued a five-year, $30.5 million contract by the time he was prepared to sign his second deal with the New England Patriots in 2002.

Prior to the five years being up, the Patriots swiftly signed Brady to a new deal that would pay him $60 million over six years.

In 2010, Tom Brady agreed to a four-year, $72 million extension with the Patriots, making it his highest-paying contract to date. But in 2013, when Brady opted for a three-year deal worth only $27 million, things took a startling turn.

Brady believed his time was limited and was prepared to do whatever it took to remain with the New England Patriots until the conclusion of his career, which is why he agreed to sign the lowball contract while other quarterbacks were earning more money than ever.

The Patriots were still eager to retain Brady when his 2013 contract expired, so in 2016, the quarterback agreed to a $41 million, two-year deal. He received $23 million in his final season with the Patriots in 2019.

Brady has only been given yearly contracts by Tampa Bay, with salaries ranging from $8.925 million to $41.075 million.

Does Tom Brady Have a Strict Diet?

Great Quarterbacks

Tom Brady adheres to a very restrictive food plan that he refers to as the TB12 diet. The professional football player’s diet regulates when he eats, the sorts of food he can eat, and the amounts of various nutrients he takes in.

Three meals a day are allowed on the TB12 diet, as well as sporadic snacks. Brady usually consumes the same types of foods every day because of his tight diet. Tom Brady drinks electrolyte-infused water to get his day started right, then eats a fruit smoothie with some nuts and seeds for breakfast.

He will work out after breakfast and then drink an almond milk protein smoothie to recover. Dairy products, gluten, GMOs, MSG, maize, soy, highly processed foods, sugar or artificial sweeteners, nightshade plants or fungus, coffee, alcohol, trans fats, and saturated fats are all prohibited on the TB12 diet.

Brady’s diet mandates that adherents eat a lot of vegetables, a little fruit, whole grains, beans, lean proteins, and products with the TB12 brand name, like protein powders or protein bars. The majority of the football star’s lunch and dinner meals are made up of organic veggies that are purchased locally.

The diet’s devotees value the fact that it encourages weight reduction, is allergen-safe, contains lots of healthy foods, and is great for athletes. The diet’s critics have cautioned potential adherents that it is unsustainable, too restrictive, and lacks scientific support for many of the dietary selections.

There is no disputing that Tom Brady is prepared to go above and beyond to realize his full potential, whether it has been his commitment to his work or his unusual diet that has propelled him forward.

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